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Manage your WP sites

If you have, manage or support multiple WP sites then you should look at www.managewp.com. It is a free service that provides you a clean management interface to all your sites on one page. You can view version info and daily stats. It displays available plugin updates as well as for WP itself. You can push the updates directly from the interface – totally sweet. Continue reading

WordPress Plugin for Android

If being able to post on the fly, or when you have down time away from the computer, the WP plugin is great. In fact I am using for this post while I sit on the mall bench as I candy shop and the wife is shopping. Setup is a breeze, allowing XML-RPC (settings-write) inside WP site and entering blog info on the app. The app provides the basics for mobility. No plugin functionality, or update capabilities, but having the ability to view and edit post/pages and moderate make it a great tool.

Success Comes To Those Who Don’t Give Up!

Many months ago I was asked to set up a blog site for my friend George. George is one of those people who knows a great deal, but computers doesn’t happen to be one of them. After some heavy coaching, I finally got him to go the HS route. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it just happens that he lived so far out in the boon docks that the only means was satelite and that was just too much of an expense for his needs. So, he finally has his HS, I built core site, now I just have to hope he starts using it. But, that is not what this story is about. After building the landing page, I looked at it and said wouldn’t it be cool if I could get the sidebar to glide up and down (as though it is threading up and down the page). No problems there are a chockfull of JS out there that does it. Yes, there might be, but when you add to the mix, WordPress – all kinds of wierd things started happening. So, over the months I would find another piece of code, and go at it. Well, this past weekend while looking up the rules for Bacarat, I came across another piece. So, I gave it another try. This time I hit pay dirt. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the whole enchilada. Although it worked, there were still some obstacles to overcome. And with each hurdle I cleared, another popped up. Nothing ever is simple and hardly does anything work the first time. So, whether it is you learning how to do something, or, me pushing to solve a problem it takes perseverance. For those interested in seeing this effect, click here. And to test it’s true WP usability, I did so on this site – and by “George” it worked.