Support Your Plugins

What makes WP the platform it is? What came first, the chicken or the egg? We could say it is the number of users, which wouldn’t be there without the plugins. Or it could be the plugins that keep the users.
Of course the open-source of WP is a dominant factor, but without the plugins, it would not be where it is at.
In either case, plugins are KEY. And what drives folks to create these plugins is either a need for themselves or a client, or the thrill of victory. And if all goes well and we have thousands of users, who each donate a few bucks we could actually make some money. As a developer I know the truth, it would be a great day just to recoup some of what time and money is spent in development. These plugins just don’t pop out of the air. They take time to develop and more to maintain. The goal being a highly downloaded and used plugin. With it comes a percentage of people who take the time and effort to reward the developers with a donation. To all of you, hats off. To the rest of you, it is time you realize the importance of donating.
At some point in time, maintaining the plugin becomes more that it is worth and then in time becomes out of date or worse incompatible with your current version and stops working. Now what? I will tell you, it is a mess and I will assure that that you will spend far more than a donation to fix things.
As a developer, I tell each of my clients the importance of the Plugins being used on their site and highly suggest that they donate so that they are not faced with this problem down the road.
So, please support your plugins.