Managing Pages

When it comes to managing pages, there are two key elements. Order and visibility.
On the order front, WP does provide a means of sorting pages, but it is not very user-friendly or simple.
When it comes to excluding pages from menus, it is far more complicated. Making a page Private, may do the trick, but it is not what Private was designed for.
There are numerous plugins that will solve on or both of these issues. Pagemash (PM) is the one I see most often and will allow you to arrange your page order and hide/unhide pages within one Plugin. Although this works well, it is not as convenient as I would like compared to using two plugins. Yes, this adds an additional plugin to your system, but makes management much easier.
I have found that using My Page Order (MPO) by Andrew Charlton and Exclude Pages from Navigation (EPFN) by Simon Wheatley to work more efficiently.
With EPFN a Widget appears on the Edit Page that allows use to exclude the page by checking the box. Thus, as we are editing the page, and we know we want to exclude it, we simply check the box. Now it is hidden, we are done. With PM, we would have to finish editing the page, open the PM plugin, find the page and click hide. Another way to look at it is that you have created the page, and now want to hide it. Which makes more sense, to edit the the page or open PM?
Thus, the control of being excluded or not is away from the page.
On the order front, MPO is much cleaner looking than PM. They both provide drag and drop page ordering. MPO is also cleaner when it comes sub menus/pages. Here, in either case we need to launch the Plugin to Order, which is reasonable.
Thus it is a trade-off. Added Plugin for easier management, or no additional plugin for extra step.
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