Manage your WP sites

If you have, manage or support multiple WP sites then you should look at It is a free service that provides you a clean management interface to all your sites on one page. You can view version info and daily stats. It displays available plugin updates as well as for WP itself. You can push the updates directly from the interface – totally sweet. You can view/edit/create pages/posts. You can manage users, backup and clone sites. The service requires a plugin (worker) be installed on each site you wish to manage and again, any updates can be pushed once activated. The only thing I found it didn’t do, was if you wanted to access the site, it open a new tab to the Login page for the site, but, didn’t populate the UN/PW for you. This info was necessary to bind the interface to the site so it would save time if it simply populated the un/pw and landed you at the dashboard. This would eliminate the need to remember all the logins for each site. Maybe it will happen on an upcoming update.

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