General (12)

Does my training come in disk form?

No, your training is done with customized elessons and one-to-one training sessions.

Do I have to complete the lessons before the site is finished?

No, your site is up and running before you start the lessons. We then use the lessons to build upon and improve on your site. Thus, you have true hands on training in customizing your sites. You learn how to transform your site so that you can develop it long after the training is over.
The other benefit of this model is that undoubtedly as time progresses you find or discover improvements to your original site design. This gives you the tools to make these changes on your own. This way, the site is finished when you are happy with it.

What is the general time span for the training?

One should figure between two and three month’s time to complete all the lessons and training. Should you be a quick learner, and have the time it can certainly be shortened. This just means more homework for you and too much too fast can actually work against you. I really want you to learn and work with the materials, not get it and forget it.

Are there any other training options?

I do provide a 2 day on-site training towards the end of the training sequence. Here you get my complete and undivided attention to go over any issues, make any changes and cover advanced materials.

What are the benefits of the additional training?

Quite simply, it is two days of one-to-one working, learning and tweaking. A great means of working through examples and getting tips on making the most of your site. It is open time where we can cover any topics, questions, or how to’s.

Do you have online training.

Yes, all of my training is done online, but it is only one-to-one and they are more of work sessions than training? The training you get via the e-lessons and do on your own.

What do yo mean by work sessions?

Well, you do the work while I watch and help. I know that I can do it, I want to see that you can do it.

What if I want to make changes to me site after the training is over?

Well, my goal is such that hopefully I have provided you with the tools and knowledge to make those changes on your own. Almost anyone can add a page or post to their WP site. But having the understanding and knowledge that allows you to customize your site makes all the difference.

What if it is more than I know or too complicated.

Then, I will either guide you in the right direction, send you an e-lesson or help you fix it. My goal is to make you self sufficient and confident that you can do it and no to have to rely on me, or anyone else for that matter. But, as with all my students, my support is always available to you.

What is covered during the training sessions?

The goal is to do a weekly training session. Depending on the material and the questions, range from about an hour to two hours in length. More than that and one saturates with too much information. The training sessions are to go over the previous sequence of eLessons and address any questions or issues you may have. You are the presenter and do the work, I only observer and help. The best way to learn is to do, so if I did all the work, it would be defeat the purpose. We then cover the concepts behind the next week’s sequence of eLessons and I demonstrate what you will be covering so that you have a little insight before getting the eLesson. Thus, each eLesson builds on the previous. Thus, we start with the basics and as time goes on, and we become more and more familiar with WordPress, our lessons start advancing to new levels. And before you know it, you are doing some really amazing things with our site.

What is the difference between the Basic and Advanced Training Package?

We introduce our Basic Package to fill a void of those that simply want a WordPress/Blog site. They are more concerned with getting a site up and running and learning just enough to maintain it. Although, this was something we originally avoided we have been able to find a way to fill the gap and make it work. With the Basic Package we get your site up and running, we work with you in picking a suitable theme to work with. We will then give you the necessary training to maintain and run your site.
Whereas, with the Advanced Training your site is developed from the ground up, and you not only learn how to maintain and run it, you learn how to really make it work for you. You learn how to make changes to the site, not just the content.
For the sake of an analogy, the Basic would be buying a Manufactured Home where you work with what you have. And the Advanced would be building the home from the ground up – from design to construction and being able to change things along the way.

Do you provide Support once the site is done?

Of course we are always available. Our goal was, and has been quite successful, that once one is done with the Advanced training, that there is little need for support. You should be able to work on your own and not need us. We are not after having you dependent on us for support. Yes, we make money on support, but in all honesty, it is really more of headache for us. With as many clients as we have, if we got a call each time somebody wanted to do this or do that, we would never get our work done. So, the Advanced Training was the answer and it has been very successful as now we can devote our time to developing new sites, and not constantly fixing old ones. And that was one of the key reasons for not providing a Basic setup, is that the chance of being overwhelmed with support calls for small issues was too great.
We will provide support for our Basic Package on either a per incident or contract using on On-line Support service.