Fixing an object to Bottom Left or Right of your Browser Window

Always a good day when you come across some new CSS that you find useful. This morning was another one of those days. While ordering a part form a client I noticed that they had images (linked) in the bottom left and right corners. They were fixed to the window, so always visible.
After inspecting the HTML and seeing just how easy it was, I just wondered why it had taken me so long to ever see this.
I have placed an example on this site (see lower left corner).

The HTML needs to be added in the header.php page, and within the ID=”page” div and before the class=”Site-header” div.
You can add either a <div> or <span> to accomplish the task. Give it a class name.
I simply added an <a> tag with some text (or graphic).
As for the CSS I set the class to { display:inline; margin:0px ; padding:0px; border: 0 none; position:fixed; bottom:5px; right: auto; top:auto; bottom:5px; z-index: 10001; height:auto; width:auto;}
Now, you can swap the left and right to move sides. Swapping top and bottom did not work and might be something to tackle later.
Now, all I have to do is figure out where I can actually use it.