What is the difference between the Basic and Advanced Training Package?

We introduce our Basic Package to fill a void of those that simply want a WordPress/Blog site. They are more concerned with getting a site up and running and learning just enough to maintain it. Although, this was something we originally avoided we have been able to find a way to fill the gap and make it work. With the Basic Package we get your site up and running, we work with you in picking a suitable theme to work with. We will then give you the necessary training to maintain and run your site.
Whereas, with the Advanced Training your site is developed from the ground up, and you not only learn how to maintain and run it, you learn how to really make it work for you. You learn how to make changes to the site, not just the content.
For the sake of an analogy, the Basic would be buying a Manufactured Home where you work with what you have. And the Advanced would be building the home from the ground up – from design to construction and being able to change things along the way.

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