Do you provide Support once the site is done?

Of course we are always available. Our goal was, and has been quite successful, that once one is done with the Advanced training, that there is little need for support. You should be able to work on your own and not need us. We are not after having you dependent on us for support. Yes, we make money on support, but in all honesty, it is really more of headache for us. With as many clients as we have, if we got a call each time somebody wanted to do this or do that, we would never get our work done. So, the Advanced Training was the answer and it has been very successful as now we can devote our time to developing new sites, and not constantly fixing old ones. And that was one of the key reasons for not providing a Basic setup, is that the chance of being overwhelmed with support calls for small issues was too great.
We will provide support for our Basic Package on either a per incident or contract using on On-line Support service.

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