A few months back I posted about Supporting Plugins. Without donations, plugins may cease to exist. Over the many years developing WP sites I have seen this happen. And usually the results are not good. A great deal of time can be spent on re-fitting a site to a new Plugin.
In my training for a new site, my client’s task was to practice downloading a Plugin that was to be used for his site. I have been using cformsii by for many years and have found it the most granular well designed plugin for Form deployment. The vast controls and excellent GUI are very important, but why I really liked using was it’s Visitor Verification feature.
So many of the Forms Plugins use CAPTCHA for human verification. Yes, it works but we all HATE it. Visitor Verification is a simple question and answer test. Type in the correct answer and off goes the form. So simple, but nobody else seems to have caught on.
Back to the story, well my client emailed me back and said that cforms was no longer available. That I couldn’t believe until I read on the site that it would no longer be maintained ( This was not good news as I, along with countless other, are using cformsii. The issue was not so much a problem for the new client, as it would be for all the other sites I have developed using the plugin.
So, I started downloading and testing replacement Form plugins. I found many that I could use, and that would work, but NONE that used an alternative to CAPTCHA. I was starting to believe that this path would not be good when I read that another team was going to take-over cformsii and let it live. They call it a fork. The name is changing to cfroms2 and earlier installs can be easily updated to the new release. For those needing more info, search for cforms under Add New Plugin and read the Installation Page.
No doubt this is great news and although the original developer did not say it was for a lack of funds, I am sure that it played a role. So, please Donate.