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Fixing an object to Bottom Left or Right of your Browser Window

Always a good day when you come across some new CSS that you find useful. This morning was another one of those days. While ordering a part form a client I noticed that they had images (linked) in the bottom left and right corners. They were fixed to the window, so always visible.
After inspecting the HTML and seeing just how easy it was, I just wondered why it had taken me so long to ever see this.
I have placed an example on this site (see lower left corner). Continue reading

Passion 2 Profit Graduates

Welcome P2P graduates. At this time you probably have been overwhelmed with some very powerful, valuable and important information. And ready to turn your Passion into Profit. In that you are reading this, I would venture to say that you either took some good notes or have an even better memory. In either case, you are here. Joel has undoubtedly mentioned that I can help you get a “blog” website up and running with minimal effort. Most likely he also mentioned that I don’t charge enough. Lucky for you, he might be right. However, there is always a catch. Continue reading

Introducing Our New Basic Package

BlogsGuaranteed was conceived on the idea that there is much more to simply having someone build you a website. Heck, you go on Craigslist and find someone down the street that can do it. That is all well and good until you want to make changes. Then you are either left relying on someone else to support or left hanging out to dry because you don’t know what to do. What we wanted to do is give our clients much more than a site. So, our goal was to not only build each client their site, but to train them as we go. Continue reading

It was about time

Last year I posted that I needed to update this site (a revamped very old cookie cutter theme) and make it more current. Sad to say, I never got around to it. Too many other sites to work on.
The other day I posted that I migrated a current project, using a child TwentyEleven themed site to a child TwentyTwelve site. It was accomplished with some minor hiccups and issues. Continue reading

Migration to TwentyTwelve

I decided to try the new TwentyTwelve theme sooner than later. And I decided to do it with a project I had already begun so I could work through all the changes such to get it back to the way it was. Never an easy challenge.
In any event I was able to make the new, match the old. The majority of the conversion was quite straight forward, porting the custom CSS to the new structure and design of TwentyTwelve. Continue reading

It’s A New Year

Well, I am finally going to do what I preach, and be more active in posting. It is time that I walk the talk so to say. As this site is to promote “Blogs” and Guarantee success the the task at hand is to provide great information that is helpful and useful to my readers. However, there is a problem with that, if I give away all the tips, tricks and how-to’s then why would anybody need to hire me? Continue reading