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A few months back I posted about Supporting Plugins. Without donations, plugins may cease to exist. Over the many years developing WP sites I have seen this happen. And usually the results are not good. A great deal of time can be spent on re-fitting a site to a new Plugin. Continue reading

Adding PHP to your Page or Post

Over the years I have tried and used many of the plugins that enable placing PHP onto a post or page. All worked but none better than the next. At the same time, I was creating custom short-codes and adding them to functions.php file. One day I decided to look to see if there was a Plugin for Short-codes. Continue reading

Whats new on the AR front.

When it comes to affordable Auto-Responders the plugin market has been weak. If you want to pay a 3rd Party for such a service, the pool is large enough. But when you are starting out, saving money is key. For some time now I have been happy with GWA as it provided all the tools and interfaces needed to provide a double opt-in list with AR capabilities. Continue reading

Testing the New Facebook Plugin

If all goes well, and the plugin does what it is supposed to, this post will appear on my Facebook Timeline.
Good News, it worked as now I am going to see what happens when I update the post. Does the FB Post changes as well, or is a new Post added to the timeline. Continue reading

Manage your WP sites

If you have, manage or support multiple WP sites then you should look at It is a free service that provides you a clean management interface to all your sites on one page. You can view version info and daily stats. It displays available plugin updates as well as for WP itself. You can push the updates directly from the interface – totally sweet. Continue reading