Adding PHP to your Page or Post

Over the years I have tried and used many of the plugins that enable placing PHP onto a post or page. All worked but none better than the next. At the same time, I was creating custom short-codes and adding them to functions.php file. One day I decided to look to see if there was a Plugin for Short-codes. Yes there were so I set out and started testing each of them. I finally decided on the one that I thought best as I liked their GUI. After working with it, I realized that this could also solve the problem of placing PHP within the content. And extending more, could actually work out better when needing to create specialized templates. Now, instead of creating a Template, now all I need to do is create a Short-code. Now, this doesn’t solve all issues, but a great many.
The plugin is Shortcode Exec PHP by Marcel Bokhorst.
The Plugin provides simple Code windows to write our PHP snippets. Each code window becomes a Short-code that we can place in any page or post. They are easy to edit, and is backed up with WP, not files.
I have found this plugin to be helpful from the simple, such as style text, to more complex code, such as slideshows.
For developers like myself, it seems to be the round-about way, but, now that I have been using it find it a cleaner approach.
Please, if this helps you in any way and you use this plugin, I ask that you Donate to them. They make it happen, so help them out.