Welcome ProfitPoint graduates. At this time you probably have been overwhelmed with some very powerful, valuable and important information. In that you are reading this, I would venture to say that you either took some good notes or have an even better memory. In either case, you are here. Joel has undoubtedly mentioned that I can help you get a “blog” website up and running with minimal effort. Most likely he also mentioned that I don’t charge enough. Lucky for you, he might be right. However, there is always a catch. Continue reading

Fixing an object to Bottom Left or Right of your Browser Window

Always a good day when you come across some new CSS that you find useful. This morning was another one of those days. While ordering a part form a client I noticed that they had images (linked) in the bottom left and right corners. They were fixed to the window, so always visible.
After inspecting the HTML and seeing just how easy it was, I just wondered why it had taken me so long to ever see this.
I have placed an example on this site (see lower left corner). Continue reading


A few months back I posted about Supporting Plugins. Without donations, plugins may cease to exist. Over the many years developing WP sites I have seen this happen. And usually the results are not good. A great deal of time can be spent on re-fitting a site to a new Plugin. Continue reading

Support Your Plugins

What makes WP the platform it is? What came first, the chicken or the egg? We could say it is the number of users, which wouldn’t be there without the plugins. Or it could be the plugins that keep the users.
Of course the open-source of WP is a dominant factor, but without the plugins, it would not be where it is at.
In either case, plugins are KEY. Continue reading

Adding PHP to your Page or Post

Over the years I have tried and used many of the plugins that enable placing PHP onto a post or page. All worked but none better than the next. At the same time, I was creating custom short-codes and adding them to functions.php file. One day I decided to look to see if there was a Plugin for Short-codes. Continue reading